Professional Summary

I specialize in migration, urban studies, and demography.

I earned my PhD in Geography from Indiana University. Since 1994, I have been on the faculty at the University of Connecticut where I have directed the University’s undergraduate Urban Studies program, the Center for Population Research, and Connecticut’s US Census Data Center.

My research focuses on the dynamics of migration within developed countries, the impacts of migration decisions on family and individual well-being, the causes and consequences of declining internal migration, and the demographic dynamics of small areas. This research has been published in leading social science journals with support from national and international funding agencies.

In 2013, the American Association of Geographers honored me with its Research Excellence Award in Population Geography. In 2014, I was a U.S. Fulbright Scholar at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.


Representative Publications

The Long-Term Decline in Migration

Cooke, T.J. and Shuttleworth, I., 2018. The Effects of Information and Communication Technologies on Residential Mobility and Migration. Population, Space and Place24(3), p.e2111.

Champion, T., Cooke, T.J. and Shuttleworth, I. eds., 2017. Internal Migration in the Developed World: Are We Becoming Less Mobile?. Routledge.

Cooke, T.J., 2013. Internal Migration in Decline. The Professional Geographer65(4), pp.664-675.

Cooke, T.J., 2011. It Is Not Just the Economy: Declining Migration and the Rise of Secular Rootedness. Population, Space and Place17(3), pp.193-203.

The Suburbanization of Poverty

Cooke, T.J. and Denton, C., 2015. The Suburbanization of Poverty? An Alternative Perspective. Urban Geography36(2), pp.300-313.

Cooke, T.J., 2010. Residential Mobility of the Poor and the Growth of Poverty in Inner-Ring Suburbs. Urban Geography31(2), pp.179-193.

Cooke, T.J., and Marchant, S., 2006. The Changing Intrametropolitan Location of High-Poverty Neighborhoods in the Us, 1990-2000. Urban Studies43(11), pp.1971-1989.

Family Migration

Cooke, T.J., Mulder, C.H. and Thomas, M., 2016. Union Dissolution and Migration. Demographic Research34, pp.741-760.

Cooke, T.J., Boyle, P., Couch, K. and Feijten, P., 2009. A Longitudinal Analysis of Family Migration and the Gender Gap in Earnings in the United States and Great Britain. Demography46(1), pp.147-167.

Boyle, P., Cooke, T.J., Halfacree, K. and Smith, D., 2001. A Cross-National Comparison of the Impact of Family Migration on Women’s Employment Status. Demography38(2), pp.201-213.


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